Ordering Information

Before you place an order, you can submit a Request for Quote or call our Sales department at (972) 671-1212 to confirm availability and pricing. We will arrange payment terms for qualified customers. We accept major credit cards and payment via COD. Overseas customers are required to pay by credit card or wire transfer.

Minimum Orders

We have a minimum order amount of $25.00

Methods of Payment

  • Cashiers/Certified Check
  • COD
  • Credit card (for orders of more than $100)
  • Credit terms (for qualified customers)
  • Wire transfer

Your salesperson will guide you in selecting a method and arranging for payment at the time a quote is provided.


COD terms are offered at the discretion of ProMor.  COD shipments are limited to orders within the United States.

Credit Card

We accept credit card payments for orders of more than $100 USD.  Please complete the Credit Card Information and email to . We accept:

Credit Terms

ProMor offers payment terms to qualified customers.  Please complete the Credit Application and email to or fax to (972) 671-1215.